Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blooms and Butterflies

Gwen and I splurged and went to the Franklin Park Conservatory "Blooms and Butterflies" exhibit. I was hoping she would love it because she's been so enamored with The Very Hungry Caterpillar lately, especially when he becomes a beautiful butterfly... and I wasn't disappointed! She was very excited about seeing the butterflies and asked me repeatedly "Gwen hold them in my hand?" on our way there. When they landed on her, she was THRILLED!Totally worth the money, just to see the expressions on her face! She kept raising her arm and telling them to fly away. She also loved the fish. It was nice to have some me and Gwen bonding time!
One beautiful blue one from Costa Rica landed on my belly... Gwen was happy that baby sister got to see one too!
She also really loved the Chihuly artwork throughout the conservatory. She kept asking, "What's dat?"...and all I could say was, "pretty sculptures, honey...I mean, pretty round bowls and plates, just for looking." Well, whether or not she ever understood what a sculpture is, she sure liked looking at them. :)

Very cool, very educational, very fun... Glad we went!


  1. awesome!! what a fun splurge! So worth it, right? cute pictures; I can just see her eating up everything around her.

  2. Fun! I saw the picture of you with the butterfly in your next post first and wondered if it was real/landed there by itself. Awesome! Hope Gwen loved it!

    Okay, only tangentially related: the other morning, I woke up thinking about a perhaps-not-so-child-appropriate variation on Eric Carpenter's classic: The Very Hungry Hookworm. There's a picture book dying to be written ;) !