Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Forget

Just a quick post here from Eric. This is the first time, I think, that I have posted on this thingy. I wanted to write a short Memorial Day post. This is a picture of my grandfather's older brother. He and my grandpa grew up in Utah on a farm. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, my great uncle Evan and his buddy volunteered for the air force. He became a co-pilot on a B-24 and flew more than twenty missions in the European theater. During his next to last mission, he was shot down and killed in action in Germany, just across the border from Holland. I have grown up hearing stories about him and what a good person he was. I know that he is still sorely missed by my grandfather. On several Memorial Days in the past, I went with grandpa to visit Uncle Evan's grave and lay flowers and an American flag there, and, without fail, there was a tear in grandpa's eye. It taught me that there are times, places, and things that deserve our respect, reverence, and gratitude. We have debts that can never be repaid. It taught me that there are things that we must never forget.

So, to all who have fought and died for liberty, who have given their lives for their families and their countrymen in order to defeat tyranny,

Thank you. We will never forget.


  1. My grandpa fought as well - he was a Marine. A few months before he died, I was alone with him for a couple of hours and he opened up to me about the things that he had seen and experienced - memories that he had never disclosed to any one else. I can't believe the sacrifices the men in the Service make for us and the horrors their eyes witness all in the name of freedom. Freedom really is such a blessed gift. Those who fight do deserve honor. Thanks for sharing! And that picture is wonderful!

  2. Thanks for this post. It is so important not to forget the people who sacrificed their lives.