Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We got a piano!!!

Some of our good friends (hi Taylors!) gave us their piano for free!!!!! It is a long story, and they are certain they wanted to do this, but really we got the better end of the deal. It looks so warm in our living room, and I love that Eric and I can both play without disturbing a sleeping baby. (we tested it. You can only barely hear the vibrations in her room when her fan is running.)

It has been a joy already! When I sit down at the bench and feel the cool keys under my fingers, I am reminded of how much I love to play. When the melodious (well, sometimes it is clear that I'm out of practice. It isn't always melodious!) strains begin to fill the room, I am reminded of why I need to play. Music is a soothing balm. It brings me so much peace and helps me find that quiet place inside. Very meditative. What do you guys do to feel this same way? Ah. I have missed music. Listening to the radio or even great CDs just isn't the same thing.

Gwen doesn't know quite what to make of it yet, but we'll get her excited about playing it(i.e. banging on it) any day now, I'm quite certain. :)


  1. I am SO excited for you! Having a piano in my home has been such a blessing. I grew up hearing my mom play often and singing with her. I love to sit down and play and sing primary songs with Weston or while Weston runs around. Davin usually bangs on one end or pushes the pedals for me, so I don't often get to really practice, but sitting at the piano is my happy place. Sorry to ramble, but I absolutely know what you mean about it being meditative. It also helps bring the Spirit in so strong when things get chaotic. Enjoy it!

  2. It looks great and I'm sure the music is wonderful!

  3. I think that being able to make music is totally different than just listening. It hearkens back to what Elder Uchtdorf spoke about at the Gen RS mtg—the ability to create.

    We have a digital keyboard. If I had headphones, I would never have to worry about waking the kids! (The real reason I wanted the keyboard, though, was because I'm totally starting a band with my sibs when I move home. You know, eventually.)

    (I don't think I want an acoustic piano to move across the country—if you're keeping the piano, ALWAYS HIRE PIANO MOVERS. Remember, a piano isn't a piece of furniture, it is a musical instrument. As my dad says, treating it like a piece of furniture turns it into a piece of furniture.)

  4. Good for you guys! I would die without a piano, and luckily, I've never been without one since I started playing 17 years ago--we must be getting old. :) Dallas loves to sit and play with his toys or crawl around under my feet when I play the piano. It's sometimes the only way he's quiet, or will play contently by himself for any length of time. The Lord does recognize the "song of the righteous" with blessings.

  5. We couldn't have given it to more deserving recipients!! We are so happy that the piano is bringing you so much joy. :) Have a great summer, and we'll be moving in close by this fall!!

  6. Congats on the piano I am so happy for you. I knew you have wanted one for a while so conrats. That was so nice of the Taylors (what good people)
    It is a beautful piano too.