Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wicked Singing!

Wicked. Not just an 80's adjective anymore. We're talking about a musical with INCREDIBLE music to accompany an equally exciting plot detailing the hidden story of the Wicked Witch of the West. Turns out she and Glinda, the good witch, were college roomies. It is a great story; I highly recommend seeing the musical if you get the chance. I'm still waiting for that chance, so if you beat me to it, don't rub it in please.
Anyway, we had a variety show with multiple congregations at our church. Our University Student Ward (congregation) choir did a medley from Wicked. Kimball, Heather, Kelli, Bishop and Sister Wallace all rocked their lines in One Short Day and Ariel and Shellee did amazing on their solos in Popular. I had a solo/duet with Chelsea Haynie (very talented! Such an honor to sing with her!). We sang For Good, if you know the music. Gorgeous piece. Of course Carrie Jones stole the show with her solo on Defying Gravity, but that is to be expected from a future American Idol contestant! (Or atleast she OUGHT to be one!) We had a blast putting it all together in so little time! And now what will I use as an excuse for having these great songs stuck in my head?

Gwen likes to sing too. As I've been singing more around the house in preparation for this performance, she has picked up her musicality as well. I love it! :)


  1. Gwen has a beautiful voice! And I'm sure your performance was beautiful!

  2. I love that Gwen sings! That is so sweet.

  3. Sweet collage. Thanks for the pics! You were amazing!

  4. It's so fun to read the updates on everybody--you've been up to some GREAT things!! :) We're sad we missed the big "Wicked" talent show production; wish we could've been there! And, YES, Olde Henderson Square, here we come!!