Sunday, May 10, 2009

Latest Creation

I started out my mission with a Missionary Guide that quickly got snowed on and was forever after a complete disaster. When Preach My Gospel came out and we were finally each given our own copy, I was determined that this precious and beautiful manual would not share that same dismal fate. So I designed this box out of a used cereal box that was a slip cover for my PMG. It stayed safe for the remainder of my mission, survived 2 years of teaching at the MTC, and is still in excellent condition today (though the clear cover is peeling from the corners now). It served me well!

Just wanted to show off my completed Preach My Gospel box that I made for Eric's cousin, Ashleigh, serving in Cleveland, OH as a missionary. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoy mine!


  1. Yeah, don't tell Marc. I'm making him one for his birthday. :)