Saturday, November 7, 2009

20 pounds, Good Riddance! and Don't come back!

Losing weight after baby isn't as easy as people make it look sometimes. I honestly thought the pounds would just peel off since I planned to nurse Gwen. So many of my friends actually shrunk because their babies just sucked so much out of them. I thought this would be the case for me. You might be interested to know that by the time I decided I needed to be more aggressive in my weight loss efforts, it had already been 5 months since Gwen was born. I had only lost 10 pounds total in that time, and 7.7 of it was Gwen! That means the first 5 months of 'losing the baby weight' resulted in a dismal 2 1/2 lbs.
Well, at that point I began an active weight loss effort.
(April 15th marks the day I wrote about it here.).

and now...

I'm proud as can be to announce...

That's right, folks! I've finally succeeded in
losing 20 lbs

Sorry, no before and after pics. You'll have to take my word for it.

It took months and months (almost 7 if you start counting from April), slow work, lots of effort, TONS of self control (good thing I'm in charge of the groceries or it would have been even harder... Eric loves to snack! And I love to join him!), and P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.! Thankfully, I've got a very supportive husband who encourages me daily and tells me I'm beautiful on those "fat" days that make me want to give up and understanding friends who don't get offended when I turn down their delicious desserts. I only count the pounds completely off if I can go 7 days on the scale without "relapsing" to that weight again. Well, today marks the 7th day! So to those 20 lbs I say:

"Good bye and Good Riddance!"

oh, and if you try to come back around these parts, you're really gonna be in trouble!

I'm feeling comfortable with myself again, and I'm thrilled about that! So where to go from here?

I'm still not where I want to be, but my goals are less firm in my mind. I just want to look and feel great. I'm not sure if I should set another weight goal or be more specific with a 'size' goal-- like jean size or something. After all, it isn't the weight itself that bothers me at this point, since I'm in the 'normal' range for my height again. It is the target areas and the lack of fitting into clothes that still gets me. I'd like to have more than 5 shirts other than t-shirts to wear. and I'd really like to get back into my old jeans* (though let's be honest: they are size 6s and it just might not happen. I'd be happy with an 8).

*I was pretty depressed a month ago when I finally went with my birthday money to try on some jeans (since it is getting cold and wearing capris just wasn't going to work much longer) and I couldn't fit into the 10s. For those of you that think that is laughable, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad. I realize there are plenty of gals out there who also wear a size 12 like me, so there is nothing wrong with that. But since I was a size 6... does that mean there is twice as much of me? Even after losing so much weight? I was feeling pretty down. Don't you hate spending money on something that only reminds you how you still have a ways to go in the weight loss department? Anyway, the jeans were only 10 dollars a pair, so it was worth it. But I still have hopes of getting into that 8 by Christmas... or maybe Valentine's Day is more realistic?

So what do you think? How do I set a specific measurable goal? It isn't like I can go try on jeans every Friday and see if I fit into the right size yet... I need something for daily accountability that I can see in order to keep me motivated. Should I just stick to weight and hope it affects everything? I could set an exercise goal that targets specific areas, but that won't tell me my progress or when I've 'arrived'. What have you done? Suggestions anyone? I've got to ride the momentum while I've got it!


  1. CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome. Not to put a damper, but you know having a baby changes your body and the distribution doesn't really ever quite go back. Also your hips just might not ever fit back into a 6 simply because your bones spread. I don't really know how to advise you since I try not to focus on numbers of any kind, but I think clothes size is a more healthy indicator than staring at the number on the scale. Good luck with the continued weight loss! (until you decide to get pregnant again that is) Sigh, it is worth it, right?

  2. I have zero advice, but CONGRATULATIONS!! Sounds like you know what you are doing already, so stick with it! Man, that's awesome. I have already gained about 5 pounds since the marathon in August... think I need to hit the pavement a little more!

  3. Congratulations!!! That is awesome!

    I try not to focus on sizes/weight, but how I feel. I can just tell when I'm doing great and when it's time to step it up a little bit.

    And if you were a size 6 before, you can def get back to a size 8. It took me a full year, a half marathon, and 10K to be able to wear all my pre-pregnancy clothes. But here I am and I feel great! It just takes a bit of time. Keep it up! :)

  4. congrats! i say, embrace size 12! I was a size 12 through most of my life! I'd love to be that size again. Don't forget that not only does your weight change with pregnancy, but so does your body. your bones and joints and ligaments were all very soft during those 9 months and they have changed shape -- you have changed shape. I think you should try to be HEALTHY. Forget about the size, the weight. Be healthy for you, Eric and Gwen.

  5. Woo! Congratulations--what an awesome feeling! I agree with Tara--you've already got a routine that works, so stick in there! As for goals/accountability goes... you could try pulling out the tape measurer instead of watching the pounds. It's slow going, but what fitness program isn't? Congrats again and enjoy this huge accomplishment!!

  6. I agree with most people on here that your body changes with pregnancy - your hips widen, body weight redistributes, etc. Don't be discouraged if you aren't a 6 or an 8. What matters is that YOU feel and are healthy. Don't go so much with society. I have a friend that was once a size 4 and now she is a 10 after having 3 kids and even she admits she is MUCH healthier now at a 10 than she ever was at a 4. Also, some of our body types are just different. I have recently lost 26 lbs personally, still have a while to go, but I know for a fact with my body type I will probaby never be below a size 12. I have naturally wide hips and my 2 big babies didn't help in that department! LOL Best of luck to you, Elisa! Being female and losing weight is hard - good for you sticking to it for so long!

  7. My advice: maintain through the holidays, then try and loose if you want after the new year.

    Congrats, and good luck!

  8. CONGRATS!! Holy cow you have every right to feel incredibly proud of yourself!! Way to go! I think Lara's advice (about maintaining through the holidays and then loosing still after) is pretty realistic. I think you can do anything you want though - you rock!

  9. Good job! There's nothing better than losing weight after being pregnant and feeling great about yourself. Congrats.

  10. That is such an amazing accomplishment. It must feel so good to know that you are capable of such a feat. I don't think I have any advice because you are my idol in this department, but clothes sizes always vary at least for maybe weight goals are better if you want something measurable. Thanks for encouraging me to be healthy and always inviting me on walk/runs, etc.

  11. CONGRATS on meeting your goal! It is awesome. By the way, I saw you today teaching class, (before I read your blog) and I thought, "Wow! Elisa is really looking GREAT!"
    I am so proud of you. (Not in a prideful sort of way, though.)
    Keep up your good work!

  12. Congrats, Elisa! Way to go! You should be so proud of yourself! You look great, but it's more important that you feel great. Thanks for your great example and inspiration!

  13. Congratulations! Losing weight is so hard and a 20lb loss is a huge accomplishment! I agree with some preivous posts about our bodies are no longer the same going by sizes may be more difficult then weight. I think you can still go by weight goals, but in addition know that you are on the right track and that feeling good and being healthy truly are the most important things! I hear you about the jean sizes though..I had just made it to a size 6 from 14's before I got pregnant and I'm not quite there yet either...hang in there, I know you'll get where you want to be! :)