Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neighborhood Halloween Shin-dig with my first Tiered Cake!

Halloween decorations in preparation for festivities. Mostly I just wanted to document how awesome my spiderweb job was.
Last month I started brainstorming about Halloween cake decorating ideas. Such a fun holiday, I couldn't let the creative opportunity pass me by. I decided I wanted to try what is called a topsy-turvy cake or Mad Hatter cake. Tiered. Lots of cake. and I'm only 1.2 lbs away from my current short term weight goal, so there is no way I was going to eat all that cake. I knew Eric, as voracious a junk food consumer as he is, would need help to eat it all. So we decided to invite some neighbors for a lil get together. Perhaps that'a a lil backwards? Don't people normally decide to make a cake because they are throwing a party? Oh well. I digress. So. Just neighbors. Just cake. Just casual. No stress.
I spent the month "researching" how to do the cake, brainstorming ideas, and planning an "attack" on the various steps of the cake making so that it wouldn't become a stressful last minute deal. I got a lot done on Friday during Gwen's naps. That made Saturday's construction both relaxing and fun! I had a blast working on this project!

The cake had 4 "firsts" for me:
  1. first topsy turvy
  2. first tiered construction
  3. first fondant application
  4. first homemade fondant
I learned a ton and had a blast doing it! Don't be honest if you think it looks bad. But other than that, what do you guys think? I was pleased as pie! (or cake!) :)

If you'd like to see the online tutorials I used, follow these links:
how to make a topsy turvy cake
how to make and apply homemade marshmallow fondant (which is way tastier than regular kind)


  1. The cake and your decorating job look really amazing! And it was great to see Jenny and Vaughn, too. :)

  2. That is totally awesome. I love your decorations and festive cake. I'll have to get pointers from you on how to hang cobweb...I really struggled with it this year.

  3. Very Very Very cute! Love your cake & your decorations!

  4. It's fun seeing what the real cake looked like! It was as delicious as it looked. :)

  5. Honestly, the cake turned out so cute! I love that you threw a party because you wanted to make a cake. Find excuses to bake cupcakes like that too. You're not that nutty. :) Your party looked like tons of fun. Good job!

  6. W . O . W . That is amazing!! Way to go Elisa!!

    and ps - I wanted to compliment how good you are looking lately at church on Sunday ... but the timing was never right. I'm so impressed with your dedication to your weight loss goal! You really do look terrific!!!