Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party at Church

The pictures don't say it all...
but they come close!
That is my shoe.
I was a "fatigued" mom (wearing camo pants and an apron along with other accessories.),
but I don't think most people got it, even after I explained.
Oh well. I wasn't trying to win any costume prizes, obviously. :)Gwen was the most adorable bumble bee you've ever seen...
loved chasing balloons all over,
enjoyed her first trick or treating,
and walked all around the gym holding our hands.
Thanks Aunt Melinda for the costume hand me down. Everyone kept trying to give me credit and I felt bad disappointing them when they found out I didn't make it.
and Daddy (Eric) stole the, uh, "show" with his outhouse get up!
He won a costume prize!!! Hooray hooray!-- either:
  1. the impromptu (1 hour before the party) costume design thing really works well for Eric,
  2. the cardboard costume is just his thing, or
  3. other people really enjoy bathroom humor.
Do you recall that 2 years ago Eric's used roll of toilet paper-- also impromptu out of cardboard--also won the costume contest? So, what do YOU think the secret to his success is?


I could use some pointers! :)


  1. cutest bumblebee ever! Aren't hand-me-down costumes the best? My sis gives me about 90% of the things Anne wears, and I love it. Thanks for your post, and as soon as I read "fatigued" mom, I got it. I think it's cute, well done.

  2. People didn't get "fatigued"? I think it's very clever. As for Eric's winning streak. I would say that it's simply the fact that no one else would actually dress up as any of those things. It's so different it wins! Also, you definitely have the cutest bumblebee. Really she has the most amazing eyes. Glad the party was a success.

  3. I'm sorry but Eric's costume looks vaguely familiar... freshmen year... taylor hall... guest bathroom on main floor... crowded hallways and open doors... ring a bell?

  4. Gwen looked adorable...definitely the cutest little bee I've ever seen!
    And Eric? Well, this is so very....Allan male. I should probably apologize. I tried, I really did, however the Allan DNA is pretty strong stuff.

  5. Elisa - I loved your costume! I thought you were very creative! And yes, I do remember that toilet paper roll costume as well. Good times. :)

  6. What a cute bumblebee! I would have liked to see your entire costume, I bet it was great.
    The redneck attire really 'made' Eric's costume. I'm not much into bathroom humor but I bet it was hilarious. Maybe that's it, like a fart, nobody really LIKES a fart but sometimes it's super hilarious!

  7. She is so stinkin' adorable! Glad you could use the costume. it was one of my favorites.
    And Eric... is hilarious. His mind works on a whole other level.