Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not THAT necklace,'s hideous.

I am picky about jewelry, apparently. According to my dear hubby.
Perhaps that is why Eric hesitates to purchase any jewelry for me... since I am so vocal about styles I don't like. Well, Dear, this is for you. Some clarification:

I don't like fake-looking, faceted, bling bling beads

I don't like little tiny seed beads without other sized beads and
I don't like these awful drapes
I think these stones are ridiculously too chunky:
But really like these stones:

I don't go for this tribal spiky look at all:
But I DO think ethnic and cultural styles are fun:

I think these glass beads are cheesy:
But I really like these glass beads:
I think these shells are nice, but the style is a lil bit too "old" for me:

But I think these shells are lovely and trendy:
I think classic pearls are nice, but not my personality:

But I love these floating pearls (or any floating necklace, actually) as well as the non-spherical shapes and not white colors, so much more interesting:
I am extremely picky about diamonds, perhaps because they are so "bling bling". (Good to know, since they are so expensive anyway. You're safer with another choice in necklace. I won't think you are cheap, I promise.)
This pendant has all the no-no's for me: color, a cheesy heart shape, and a boring pendant chain.
But I think this simple diamond necklace is classy:

Put it together and what have you got?
A lovely combo with natural colors and variety of textures in chunky layers with a vibrant pendant-- neither too gaudy or too same-o same-o.

Something like this or any of the above "liked" selections, Dear. Any questions?

As for the rest of you... I'm curious...
do you agree with my selections, or would you prefer some of the 'dislikes' over the 'likes'?


  1. Every time Steve buys me something he prefaces the "giving" with "I wasn't sure this was your style...but I tried." He's getting GOOD at it. I think it takes practice for our men to "get" what we like. Likewise, I always pick the wrong shirts for him. ;)

  2. I'm not into accessories and currently don't own any! So honestly I'm with Eric because your selection didn't seem to narrow things down but kinda still kept it confusing. I like the floating necklaces and agree about not liking the gaudy stuff but I'm just not into jewelry, so I wouldn't know what to look for either. I'd need your help to pick out something nice. Maybe Eric should stick with gift cards or shopping trips where you can pick things out. hehe

  3. You are right on with your preferences. I especially love the soft pink glass beads and the floating pearls. Nice for dressing up. I don't think you ever sound selfish. Helping your hubby in the right direction in gift giving is important.

  4. I love this post! You're so great, Elisa! I think you've got great taste, but isn't it great that we all have our own styles?!! I love strings of pearls and long necklaces, personally :) I wonder which one he'll get you [keep us posted!!!]

  5. I think I love them all!!! There were some on your dislike list that I would have to dislike too!!! But I just like jewerly all around...but I do hear you about the diamonds!!! Expensive and other things are just as cute!

  6. That was SO fun Elisa! I definitely agree with your preferences - in fact, I could send Jac straight to this post if he is ever going to buy be jewelry!:) Especially loved the last one as well as the "lovely and trendy" shell necklace - so beautiful! I might need to find out where that one is sold!