Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Love This Time, Right Now.

Gwen is at a wonderfully fun stage right now. I know you aren't supposed to have favorites, that you should just love each stage for its joys and struggles, but seriously-- I am truly enjoying where we are right now!

Gwen is excited to explore and play on her own without my constant stimulation, as long as we are in the same room. I think she is adorable when she pulls out all the washrags and dishtowels from the kitchen drawer all while babbling to herself. I love how happy she is about everything, how intent upon discovering things with her fingers, and perhaps
my favorite recent development:
Gwen has suddenly become quite cuddly and gives lots of hugs! I absolutely LOVE it!!! She'll be playing, see me, crawl over, climb up, throw her arms around me (they don't quite reach around, but I get the idea), and rest her head on my chest. Absolutely adorable!
The other day, she was crying because one of her toys got away from her... and so she crawled over and threw herself at the closest part of me:
my feet.
She flopped down onto my shins, throwing her arms on my legs, and laid her head down on my ankles to cry. When I started laughing at her spectacle, she transitioned from crying to laughing with me too. It was one of the cutest memories I've ever had!

This is a time when I am really grateful to be a mother.


  1. I bet it feels wonderful to have her come and hug you like that! I bet it is moments of little snuggles that make being a mother the most incredible job in the world. Thanks for highlighting those special moments. It gives me so much hope and so much excitement for the future!

  2. Gwen is adorable and you are a great mom. I was just thinking the same thing about the stage Lucy is in right now. I just want to freeze time for a little while. I never want to be too busy to enjoy it.

  3. I felt the same way when Logan was close to the year mark - and right now I feel that way again. It really is fabulous!!

  4. I love how you're documenting living in the moment! Thanks for sharing your special experience!