Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Among Life's Lesser Virtues: Put the Toilet Seat and Lid Down

One of life's virtues: putting the toilet seat and lid down after use. Perhaps this is something to which you can relate? Eric is very good about it, especially compared to other accounts I've heard. I've always been selfish in wanting this done to avoid personal misfortune, especially at night. Now I have an even better reason....

Ever get that sinking feeling in your gut when:

You're sitting in the living room while your baby explores around you and
the next thing you hear is

a "swish-swish-swish"

coming from the bathroom
and you realize:

the toilet seat lid is up.

quite possibly the best reason EVER to encourage the men of the household to put the seat and lid down.


  1. This is so incredibly true! My sister-in-law's baby sister actually died from drowning in the toilet. Sydney doesn't plan in the toilet (yet) but she does like to play in the bathroom.

  2. Oh just you wait. It is only a matter of time until she learns to open it herself. Shane is pretty good at it :)

  3. Cami, that is so scary! She's not tall enough to fall in there yet, but I'll definitely have to keep an eye on her now that she knows there is water in there to play with.
    Amber, have you found a way to baby proof the toilet the way you can get things to baby proof cupboards and drawers?

  4. ROFL!!! That's just one of those life lessons...

  5. You can buy toilet seat locks, just like cupboard, drawer or refrigerator locks. Babies R Us has them, and I know Target might have some baby locks, but the Babies R Us here has a whole aisle of all sorts of locks for anything you can think of, including the knobs on the stove and door knobs when they get older.

  6. Oh no! Thanks for the reminder, Olivia is about to enter that stage herself . . .