Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumkin (aka Gwen) and Pumpkins!

What a wonderfully brief reprieve we've had from the encroaching cold. Gwen and I have used it well to be outside and spend some time with pumpkins.

We went with my neighbor Mi Young to Jacquemin's Farm to pick our own. While I was busy searching for the perfect short, round pumpkin to compliment the already selected tall, skinny pumpkin in the cart, Gwen happily found the nearest orange "ball" and laughed while she slapped it silly. :) We ended up getting our "family" of pumpkins for only 13 dollars! (And as soon as Halloween is over, Gwen can become a pie!)
our pumpkin family! :)

Then we went down with some other neighbors--Reena, Anita, and Charlotte-- to the Circleville Pumpkin Festival. It is really only about 30-40 minutes away, but my pride in thinking I knew the way and didn't need to print out a Google map made the drive down there more than an hour. Guess who won't do that again. :) Once we arrived, however, the girls did marvelously well. We were worried it might rain because of all the warnings we had heard, but the weather was PERFECT for our outdoor adventure! We enjoyed pumpkin colored trees, giant pumpkins, pretty pumpkins, pumpkin towers, pumpkin food , arts and crafts vendors, and the world's largest pumpkin pie. Gwen and Charlotte both stuffed their faces with pumpkin donuts and Eric loved the 1/2 dozen we brought home for him. The babies lasted til nearly 3:30 and didn't even fall asleep on the car ride home! (Though all of us wished they had, with all that whining! :) It was a great day!! I don't know this girl, but the pile of veggies was so pretty... and the food smelled so good...
Reena's pumpkin icecream
Gwen being less than happy (getting close to nap time), but isn't it cute how we sort of match?
Gwen was more than appeased by pumpkin donuts

But I think Charlotte liked them even more!
World's largest pumpkin pie... cool, but didn't look appetizing at all. Kinda crispy and burned on top.
Gwen thought the camels were funny. This face says it all.
Charlotte just loved these lil puppets. Gwen liked them too, but I wouldn't let her out of her stroller.
My lil Pumkin!
Mommy and Gwen in front of the pumpkin tower!


  1. Chicadee!! You are looking great!! congrats! are ya ready to do it all again? lol And i love Gwen's pouty face. her lip grimace stare is priceless!!

  2. What fun pumpkin adventures! I want to try that pumpkin ice cream. Yummy. Also, I love your "family" of pumpkins. That is so cute.

  3. What fun fall activities! Those donuts look really yummy and both Gwen and your pumpkin family are so cute!

  4. Oh Elisa I love your family pumpkin portrait - you crack me up! Maybe next year we can try to pumpkin festival together again, that would be fun!

  5. Hey, I know that girl by the pile of vegetables--she is my coworker and called in sick that day. Actually not, but I had to blow up the picture to double check that is wasn't her.