Monday, November 30, 2009


We were extremely blessed to find out last minute that we DID have a break for Thanksgiving. One significant enough to allow for a wonderful weekend trip to visit family in Idaho. We had such a great time, I completely didn't even worry about blogging anything. Now that we're safely home, however, I would be remiss not to record some feelings of gratitude.You've all tired of the "thankful lists"... but my posterity needs to see mine (at least, the abridged version). I am grateful for:

Our Savior, Jesus Christ
His Atonement
Our loving Heavenly Father
Living Prophets
The ones who sacrifice(d) so we could enjoy that freedom
Our Country
My Eternal Family
My Eternal Companion
My Healthy Baby
Time to be Together
Wonderful Friends
Snow-capped Mountains
Emerald green trees
Autumn leaves
4 Seasons
Sparkling stream (Eric would like to add: and the fat Brookie hiding in it)
Education: Med School, Grad School, and new skills
Teaching Opportunities
Music and Singing
Delicious Food: especially ice cream, pasta, fresh garden produce, raspberries, hot soup with fresh crusty bread, etc, etc.
Nap Time
Indoor Plumbing
Central Heat/Air
Antiperspirant that WORKS
Warm Coats and gloves that don't have holes in the fingertips
Technology that Enables Fast Travel
Generosity of Others
A Comfortable Home

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  1. I love the "Antiperspirant that WORKS" comment (I liked them all actually). But there's nothing like a mission to Japan that makes you appreciate that one!