Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Animal Thoughts

Want to know something random that I just thought of? Ever realized that we say:

and these don't really count because they don't get a new affectionate name but why not add monkey and turkey since they already have an 'ie' sound

pretty much any small animal or any cute animal can be made into an "ie". You'd never say, 'look, it's the lil lionie.' or 'see the pretty peliconie'. I doubt anyone has ever tried to make a moose into a moosie, an elk into an elkie, a tiger into a tigerie, an elephant into an elephantie, or a whale into a whalie. Also, in general, unattractive animals don't become "ie"s. I don't know how turkeys slipped past that one. The affectionate title seems to be reserved for small and cute, but especially for everyday or farm animals. Things kids might see regularly. That's why even cute and small exotic specimens like penguins might be excluded. Again, I don't know how monkeys made the cut. But, they don't REALLY count because they don't change from their normal name into an affectionate name, they just get lucky with their normal name. So, my thesis is: cute, small, everyday animals can be made 'affectionate' with an "ie" ... EXCLUDING COWS!!! Now, I think cows can be cute. and horses didn't get left out because of their large size... so why don't we say



  1. Something I'll admit I've never thought about....:)

  2. Here we add "ie" to all sorts of things... sockies, toesies, teethies, shoesies, etc. I will admit I've never said "cowie" though.

  3. Because we say "moo cow"!

    Just thinking of in Portuguese everything is turned cute by adding "inho" to the end.
    Like bonito for pretty but
    bonitinho for "so cutsie/pretty"
    Or filho for son, but filhino for "my little boy(cute)"
    Any hooo...

  4. Love the random thought. I think you should start the cowie trend. :)

  5. LOL. That was a fun thought to share! I am guilty of adding ie to lots of random things.

  6. We add "ie" to the ends of words to indicate "cuteness" because some words that are associated with "cuteness" already end in "ie" (like baby)...that's my thought anyway. Because, notice, you don't start talking that way until you have babies? or at least children near by. Cowie? Maybe because they're not really cute? I dunno. Analysis from an Elang gal.