Friday, December 4, 2009

Gwen Meets Scary Santa

Ward Christmas Party...
Gwen's first meeting with Santa...
the obligatory terror that resulted...
This collage says it all: she bawled.
until I saved her from the scary Santa, held her the whole time, and she realized he was going to reach in that big sack and give her something. She got a Belle flute recorder and was happy to chew on it. If you want to see her crying reaction in more detail, click on the picture and it gets bigger.


  1. Too funny! Davin screamed on Santa's lap this year too. It's kind of cute. Weston, on the other hand, was enthralled and so excited to tell Santa all about what he wanted for Christmas.

  2. Awww....poor baby had to sit on that mean man's lap. She looks like she recovered, though. She wasn't nearly that upset when Santa held her last year. :)

  3. ahahaha, that's hilarious! love it!