Friday, December 4, 2009

Eric's Studly Herb Light Project

My hubby is AMAZING!!! In addition to his duties on his rotations AND studying AND playing with Gwen AND getting the oil changed...He rigged up this special light for my herbs! They were really struggling with only 2 hours of sunlight in the morning (you can see from the pic just how much they are struggling!). But this is the ONLY window sill in our house, really, that we could put these plants for the winter. I bemoaned the loss of some plants to my dear hubby... and this is what he did:

He used a cord from an old broken vacuum,
spliced it to connect to the light,
then attached a timer so that it goes on and off automatically.
Then he rigged up this lovely pulley system so we can raise and/or lower the light as needed.
Plus it was a lot easier to hang and
we didn't need heavy duty holes that we'd have to patch up later!
Now our bedroom is brighter than any other room in the house!
Okay, you can all agree with me:



  1. Yeah, YOU have a fixer guy. My fixer guy moved OHIO! BTW the box went postal today...2 day priority so watch for it. :)

  2. Oh so handy, that Eric! I'm impressed. Glad your plants won't die either!

  3. If ever there is a nuclear attack and we have to live underground or something crazy like that...I call dibbs on living with you guys! We can chew on deer jerky and watch the herbs grow all day long!

  4. Are you sure you're hubby isn't an electrician?