Thursday, November 5, 2009

What do YOU do with Green Tomatoes?

Cold came early to Ohio this year. The garden subsequently met it's demise in the compost pile. Ever the "waste not want not" kind of person, I saved all the green tomatoes before trashing the plants. Now, what to do with all these unripe fruits? (that bowl is bigger than you think...)
Being from Arkansas, my Southern pride dictates that I immediately suggest Fried Green Tomatoes. However, since my waistline currently objects to such a proposal, I've been looking for ideas.

Our first endeavor: Salsa Verde with tomatoes instead of tomatillos
...sorta strange, but tolerable with salty enough chips...

Our next endeavor: enchiladas with green filling (not 'green enchiladas'-- that is different)
...a "gag"able dinner which Gwen absolutely refused to eat...

Our 3rd endeavor: baked green tomatoes with brown sugar and buttery club crackers (steadily becoming more and more unhealthy)
...good enough, better than the salsa, not something you would crave, but a fair use for excess green tomatoes...

and finally, because despite the scale's objections I couldn't NOT make some: Oven Fried green tomatoes (they are easier to keep from falling apart this way rather than pan-fried. Not one bit healthier, though!) are next on the menu!...

Don't even ask about my salvaging efforts with end of the season beet greens (not sweet and tasty like the spring variety)...


  1. would you believe I've never had fried green tomatoes? Looking forward to some pictures and a recipe!

  2. try a green chili of sorts. I use a pork loin/roast. You can also use beef, but I rather the pork. Anyway, sear the roast with some good spices (salt, pepper, garlic) and then place in a roaster or crockpot. When the roast is almost done throw in the tomatoes, you could also add some tomotillas (sp?) and green chilies. IT is quit delish... I think! :) Let me know if you try it/like it?!?

  3. serve it in tortillas-enchillada style or with cheese and cruchy tortilla chips. yum!