Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas with the Harts

and Heiners.

We had a safe drive down, no inclement weather.

Well, I've still only got a few pics from my camera. Here ya are anyhow. Who knows when I'll get the rest. Don't stay tuned-- it could be awhile. :)

We visited the World's Largest Toy Museum in Branson, Missouri. Could have been great if there were more displays the kids could touch. Eric and I had fun walking down memory lane-- but the kids were tired and bored. Poor Gwen just wanted to get out and crawl around-- but there wasn't a place to do it.
She did enjoy these ginormous pink balls...
There's my dad and my nephew, Asher, in the background. He loved the trains.
We also had a blast opening more presents, swimming in the hotel pool, eating tons of delicious food, watching lots of great movies (including Julie&Julia), visiting Silver Dollar City, playing with cousins, bathing with cousins, tormenting cousins, following cousins, idolizing cousins, (those were all Gwen, btw), man-party football, and shopping!!!

The drive home was so perfect we did the entire 12 hours in one go and pulled in at 1 am ahead of a snowstorm that dusted everything in the morning.


  1. 12 hours of driving in one day with a baby?! You guys are my heroes!! :)

  2. What did you think of Julie and Julia? We didn't like fact, we didn't even finish it! But...what is your opinion? I'm so jealous that you got to be there with all the fam! I miss y'all!

  3. good thing you left when you did! we got a bad snowstorm that night!

  4. Glad you missed the snow storm. I just have to tell you Elisa you are looking amazing!!!

  5. Looks like fun. Although you'd think that a toy museum would be more kid friendly. Huh. Anyway, I have to tell you I love your coat. Such a great color! Also you have beautiful eyes. :) Woohoo for missing the snowstorm. We drove home from Oregon in it and it was not pleasant.