Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Daily Routine

Hey folks! Well, it has been a while. I think this pattern might continue for a bit. Not that any of you readers will really be interested in knowing my daily to-do list, but I think it valid for posterity to know that I was a productive queen yesterday!
I finished all the unpacking,
wrestled boxes and suitcases up into their proper nooks in the closet,
2 loads of laundry folded and put away,
2 loads of dishes washed and put away,
living room tidied up,
prepared and fed Gwen lunch,
Gwen's clothes and toys all put away nicely,
took out all the food and scrubbed the fridge
(thanks to spilled and crystalized maple syrup, this was a real elbow grease chore),
grocery shopping completed during a driving snow
(oh, and bonus, I only spent 3/5 of what I normally spend! Hooray for thrift!),
dinner made and enjoyed,
played with Gwen for hours,
Anne of Green Gables finished,
read 2 chapters in my textbook for my music class,
had a wonderfully meaningful scripture study and Sunday school lesson planning,
put away huge stacks of books at the top of the stairs,
checked email and blogs,
updated my etsy products,
requested books and music from the library,
had Family Home Evening about the Creation with Gwen,
cut Eric's hair,
wrote about 2010 goals in my journal,
and relaxed on the couch.
Whew! I felt so motivated and satisfied with my 'accomplishments'. I love being able to cross things off the to-do list! Few things are more demoralizing than working on things all day but never getting anywhere or finishing anything so that nothing gets crossed off that list. But yesterday was not one of those days. :) Here I am giving myself a very nice pat on the back. :) The only thing I didn't get done was baking a pecan pie for family night. We got over it. :)
The beginning of 2010 promises to offer many such full days to me. I hope I have the energy to take them all. I don't know. Today I'm feeling much less enthusiastic. But maybe that is because cleaning the bathrooms is on the to-do list for today? :P
Anyway, I plan to keep posting about daily life as the only form of scrapbooking, journal keeping, and family history that I'm doing right now. But I can't promise that my posts will be very frequent or very entertaining. Most likely, things will focus on Gwen. Which reminds me that I need to ask my mom for photos from our trip down to visit after Christmas. I hardly even got out my camera because my mom is kind of a shutterbug and took a plethora of photos, so I figured I'd just borrow hers. I'll share some when I get the chance.


  1. I'm thinking the bathrooms are the roadblock today...

  2. That is wonderful! I love having days like that! Today, unfortunately is starting out as the complete opposite. I ate leftover Christmas candy in my pj's and watched The Bachelor from last night. Then I checked blogs and now I'm considering taking a shower. Ok, ok, I will!

  3. Are you kidding me? I don't accomplish that in a week. Are you sure it was all in one day? Were you up until the wee hours of the morning?


  4. How on earth did you get all that done in a 12 hour period??? I am in awe. If you were here I'd give you a round of applause. I sure love days like that though. It does feel good to get lots done and check things off the list. Good job!

  5. WOW. that's it. WOW. I don't feel like I ever get that much crossed off! I'm tired most of the time! wow. wow! WOW! I sound like a dog with a lisp, i'm sure, but really! that's great! I totally agree/understand with having things on your list, working all day, but not getting anything finished so you can't cross anything off. that kills me...because then I feel even more tired and unsuccessful! hate it. but yeah, i love the successful days! Yesterday and today were both of those! :-) even getting back into exercising. love it.

    anyway, you're awesome!

  6. Wow. I feel like a slug. But I'm glad you could give yourself a pat on the back! :) Thank you for the inspiration! I DO feel wonderful when I can get that much accomplished. I love busy work, so those kinds of tasks are my thing. :) Hope your trip down South was awesome. Can't wait to see pics!

  7. an update for the record: I scrubbed both bathrooms and vacuumed. Hooray for getting through it!

  8. phew - I'm worn out sitting here reading that post:):) I am a list maker, too and there is nothing like crossing a bunch of things off. Hooray!!

  9. Aside from the 7 loads of laundry and sheet changing...I didn't get a thing done yesterday! ;) For some reason I can't seem to do anything else on a laundry day...