Monday, January 25, 2010

My Etsy Shop-- I'd LOVE a Visit from You!

A couple of weeks ago when I announced my first Etsy sale, I received several inquiries about it. I figured I ought to make a post about my Etsy shop sometime to satiate any curious readers. Yes, Shannon, the pastel of the duality of man is one of mine. 20 dollars.
I haven't really advertised my shop to people who know me or on my blog. The reason is simple. I never attempt to sell my best work on Etsy because I could never get what I think it is worth (quality paintings of not famous artists can still usually sell for hundreds) on a site that usually caters to cheaper purchases. I use Etsy as a forum to sell the art with which I'm not extremely pleased, that I have multiples of, or that might have some kind of defect (like curled edges from a hasty move or something). I save my best stuff for myself since I'm not famous enough to get what I think it is worth or ambitious enough to attempt the time-consuming business venture of getting into galleries. Etsy caters to cheaper prices anyway, so why not unload my 'less-than-professional' art for 'less-than-professional' prices? (my prices are from 7 dollars to 40 dollars.) My lofty aspiration is to make enough selling out my inventory that I can put back into resources for future art projects (since we don't have an art budget and supplies are so pricey).
I'm actually somewhat embarrassed to admit to people who know me that my shop belongs to me. Of course I would never admit on Etsy that some of my paintings are amateurish. But if someone I know goes and looks, they'd probably think I was only a mediocre artist. I guess my pride doesn't want that. Consider yourself warned: I DO make better artwork than what you'll see on Etsy. But if you are looking for decent original artwork at extremely affordable prices, please please please feel free to visit my shop: InspiringdesignsbyE!


  1. Coming from someone who is not overly artistic, I think you are amazingly talented. It makes sense that you would sell off your less than favorite works on Etsy, but you should still be proud. They look great!

  2. Beautiful work, Elisa!!! I think you are incredibly talented. What an amazing gift you have.

  3. Thanks for sharing! You are awesome. I think its beautiful.

  4. wow! elisa you are amazing!!! way to go on your etsy shop! :) you are so talented!