Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fish Tank Death and Subsequent Makeover

Crawdad kicked the bucket. Kaput. Bit the dust. Joined the giant fish tank in the sky. We came home from our Christmas trip to discover his demise (and his carcass).

No worries.
Gwen got the fishies some new rocks, plants, and some pretty cool pieces of wood for Christmas. Tank has a nice "natural" or "zen" feel to it now. Perhaps this fish tank makeover can console the lil guys about the loss of their... 'pal' (even though he consistently tried to eat them).
Eric and Gwen picked out 2 new catfish to replace the crawdad as tank custodians (bottom feeders)... and the Bluegill proceeded to gobble both of them up as soon as they were added to the tank!

Hmmm... looks like we're going to need a much bigger catfish....


  1. The woes of a fish tank. How sad!
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I love the pictures of Gwen with her big beautiful eyes!

    I need to focus more on my virtues it sounds like. I agree with you and the idea that they come in sets. People do have a certain degree of both when looked at from both angles.