Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gwen is Walking!!!!

There is something so... proud-making!... (ha ha, I just invented a new word! Kind of sounds like something from the Uglies Series, doesn't it?) about seeing your baby walk!
If you recall, Gwen took her first 3 steps before Christmas. I guess it kinda scared her because she hasn't attempted ANY walking on her own at all since then. Until Saturday night (Jan 23).

Then she took a couple solo steps, thought it was great, and showed off as many as 6 steps in succession that night! It is amazing how every time she stands up and takes a step,
my heart just swells! It never gets old!

I know 6 steps is still a far cry from complete mobility, but I think she is finally overcoming her trepidations. (but she still bawls every time she lands back on her bum, even if it wasn't that hard. I think it scares her more than anything else.) You can tell she is just tickled and pleased with herself every time she is brave enough to stand up and venture a foot out! She'll wait for you to look at her and applaud her achievement, then join you by giggling and clapping!

Oh, and there is something altering about walking. She doesn't look like a baby anymore.
The cute wiggly rearend like the above pic, the scrunched up, pokey, crawling, chubby, baby with the big belly gets all stretched out...

and suddenly I've got a TODDLER!!!

I am such a proud mommy!

(btw, both photos are from November. I am kind of behind on my camera usage. But I didn't want this post to wait!)


  1. YAY! It does take them a while after their first steps. That surprised me. I thought we were home free, but I guess Luke needed a little more time to get used to the idea. I like a walking baby...much easier on the back.

    Congrats to Gwen!

  2. How exciting that Gwen's walking! It really does hit home that you have a kid that toddles instead of a baby that crawls!

    Oh, and when I read "proud-making" I totally thought "that sounds like a very bubbly thing to say." :)

  3. Hooray! That's so exciting. Walking is a big step (no pun intended). ;) It really does make them look so grown up. She will be running around the house wreaking havoc in no time.

  4. So exciting!!! I love how proud it makes should be though because that's a huge accompishment! I love the last picture, you have some mad photo skills!

  5. fun! Time to move the precious things up another level on the shelves. :)

  6. yay exciting! lol she's gonna be all over the place before ya know it!

  7. I LOVE watching babies walk! And it only gets more and more exciting as they become faster, start taking on stairs, start running (more like waddling!), and all sorts of awesome proud-making-ness! :) L just barely showed me how he can balance on one leg. My heart swelled just as much as it did that first time he took a step! I LOVE that feeling of love bursting out! Glad you're having fun enjoying it too!