Sunday, May 9, 2010

18 months- the sweat and the sweet

What more appropriate post for Mother's Day than a tribute to my lil gal who made me a mother? Today she is 18 months. a big deal. and I think she knows it, too.

This week I've been sweatin it out with multiple tantrums in public. Luckily noone has given me dirty looks. I think people get it. They've been there. I'm sure this won't be the last time a battle is waged at the highchair, the backdoor, the bathtub, the crib, the playground, the doctor's office, or the grocery store... for an hour. That was definitely a sweaty day. This week I've also been relishing some sweetness-- mostly because I'm so proud of the RAPID growth of Gwen's vocabulary, her good playing with friends, the way she squeals at the top of her lungs when she sees a friend across the room, and the way she will call for me if I go into the kitchen or the bathroom and she can't see me all the time. (okay, so that isn't ALWAYS a sweet thing, but let's think positively here). When I think about her impishness from birth, it is sweet.

Honestly, I'm the most grateful for the love that I've felt for her this entire week. It has definitely been a gift from the Lord, just an overwhelming feeling that becomes more patience and calm than I have previously felt when she is asserting her independence in a loud, stressful way. This week, I really felt like I was the Mother I've wanted to be all along. Calm, reassuring, loving, immovable. It has been sweet.

Because I liked it so much and want it preserved forever, thought I would share a special Mother's Day poem that my Mommy and Daddy composed for me about Gwen:

Isn't your little girl just so much fun?
She likes to 'sign' and walk; no, RUN!
Play the piano, watch the fish,
Eat in her high-chair with her very own dish.

How cute she is with those big blue eyes,
that just light up when she gets surprised.
She can really rock in that Bear Rocking chair,
And where did she get such curly blonde hair?

Oh, don't forget the finishing touch...
her necklace of beads... that adds so much.
She's a wonderful child, little Gwen E. 'Pooh',
But most important of all, she belongs to YOU!

And you know what, that last line is so true. She is special because she is mine, mine and Eric's, ours for all eternity. That is what being a Mother is all about: treasuring the sweat and the sweet as part of our family's eternal journey! Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. She is a cutie, that's for sure. And the tantrums will pass, given time.

  2. Well she is beautiful!!! And so are you!!!! Great post!!! Happy Mothers day to you!

  3. She's beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Happy 18 months! You are a fabulous mother. Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day yesterday.

  5. Oh she's so cute! And I get to see her in a few days! I'm so excited!! YAY! haha...

  6. She is beautiful! You just melt in her eyes. Happy Mother's Day!