Monday, May 31, 2010

Bunny Fountains

Gwen's initial reaction to the water at the bunny fountains was something like this:
and then she got scared and had to just sit and observe everyone else for about 30 minutes. Here she is relaxin in her stroller, chompin a cracker.

Once she warmed up to it, though, she was THRILLED to be playing in the water... for about 2 hours! She didn't even want to go home! This video shows her shouting "wa-wah" (water) and signing water...but what it doesn't show is that she did that for about 10 minutes straight and then periodically for the next 2 hours. She LOVED it!

Most of the following pictures were captured by Heather, the woman with amazing photography skills who also did our family pics last fall. She really got some great portraits of Gwen, don't you think?

and last but not least, some photos of our friends. We had a great time playing together! (okay, so Gwen pretty much flew solo and ditched all her friends. But it was still great to see you all there!)
One of my favorite moments: On the drive home Logan's carseat was right next to Gwen's. When he got to eat some fruit snacks, I feared a whiney-meltdown with grasping arms and floppy fish body from Gwen. But she surprised me by saying with a pleading voice and signing:


and he willingly did! It was so cute!


  1. So sweet of Logan to share! And of her to ask politely! So cute!

    We loved the bunny fountains! So fun.

  2. It looks like when she finally got going with it, that she did great!

  3. What a great splash fountain for little ones! The one by our house is a little too big for my kids. They just stand on the outside and stick their hands and feet in. I LOVE Gwen's bathing suit! What a cutie! And outings are always more fun with friends. Good times!

  4. So cute and so much fun! I love her reactions to the water! I am glad she warmed up to it again. Hey I have been meaning to ask, how is school going?

  5. You guys have so much fun!!