Sunday, May 30, 2010

Andersons visit

My beautiful and oh-so-sweet younger sister and her family came for a visit! short, but wonderful to get to know their lil guy, Caleb. I think these cousins got along really well... in fact, perhaps a little TOO well if their nightly gab-fest instead of sleep-fest was any indication! :) You can see we have incriminating evidence of Gwen stealing all Caleb's snacks. I don't think he quite knows what to do about that...

We had 2 passes to COSI (thank you Michelle!) and had a great time! My object was to capture some great pictures of Caleb. Mine weren't that great, though, so most of these are borrowed from Amber. If you look in the top left corner, you'll notice a picture of me. Rare. But I felt the turquise and pumpkin color contrast was too perfect not to share. You're welcome. :)
Though I was purposefully taking pics of Caleb, I couldn't help snapping some of Gwen. She discovered a few new things this time: the water was a big hit (no surprise there), she loved climbing up the stairs into these lil construction houses (a drill? okay... I'm just a lil surprised), and driving the ambulance was so fun she came back to it about 9 times (that and the helicopter). She was pretty proud of herself!
We also headed to the zoo... on a rainy, uncrowded day. Worked out nicely, actually, because Gwen was more interested in playing in the water than looking at the tigers. She loved the petting zoo, fluttering from goat to goat so that she could pat each and every one. And I just have to add: Caleb ate a TON while we were there! that kid downed every snack we brought (and we brought a good amount) AND a hotdog and was still hungry!

I loved playing games at night with Amber and Justin (we don't have any pics of this. Go figure). They introduced us to some fantastic new games like Blokus and Bohnanza (a game about bean crops!) and old favorites like Settlers of Cataan. Great fun! We're so glad you guys were able to come out and visit! We love you!

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  1. Looks like fun! I'm so glad I missed it. We were in AR for Jon's MD/PhD graduation.