Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this is a post


this is not a post about feeling inadequate
this is not a post about disillusionment
this is not a post about discouragement
this is not a post about looking at myself with fresh eyes and wondering how exactly I got to this place
this is not a post about wanting to be a better person than I see in the mirror...

this is a post about

the 'can-do-motivated-to-change-get-out-of-any-ole-rut' kind of feeling
that I have when I see myself through the eyes of my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. The Atonement is amazing, don't you think?
The power of a New Year's resolution any day of our lives that we choose to turn ourselves over to the Lord and allow Him to make something more of us than we can make from our own efforts. I am truly humbled that just at the moment when it seems my energy to do and become as a human being/member of an eternal family/daughter of God is zapped and I want to settle for mediocrity, the Hand of God slips in, parts the veils guarding eternity, reminds me of what I truly desire, and then generously gives me the energy to pursue.
Disappointed in the person in the mirror, the look in your eyes?

Don't have to be.


  1. Those sacred moments of seeing into the eternities are so special - mine seem to come lately through Logan. I see his real potential and abilities the Lord has blessed him with, and then I sit there stunned as I realize that Heavenly Father looks at ME the same way I look at Logan. Honestly - really? It's easy to believe others have that grand potential, but it's sometimes hard to realize that I do too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts - they are beautiful just as you are.

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts! It was very uplifting and a great way for me to finish my week! You are amazing.