Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Trip to Idaho April-May 2010

First of all, the trip was a lot easier than I'd feared. DVDs and stickerbooks are HUGE blessings, let me tell ya!
Second of all, Eric had a birthday while on our trip. Wouldn't you know I didn't take a good picture of him? I love him so much, with all his nerdy math and science interests, his brilliance, and his compassion for those around him. I also had a great time dressing up like a camo-eskimo to go fishing on the windiest day! What a great adventure! Thanks for taking me along, dear!
I wanted to provide evidence that my dear hubby is still young at heart... so you have to wait to the end of the post to see it! Until then, Gwen will have to suffice. (oh, btw, most of the good photos are borrowed from my MIL, a superb photographer. I can't take credit)
So many fun and entertaining people to spend time with:
Aunt Elise
Grandma (helping bake bread is so fun!)
and even time playing peek-a-boo with Great-Grandmas and Grandpa
Gwen grew especially fond of her cousins; enjoying her time copying everything that older "cowboy" cousin did and following him around squealing... or begging to cuddle with baby "F" whom she asked for by name in sign language
Exploration of music was fun at the piano or dancing on the floor keyboard (I love both the fish lips on Eric and the puzzled expression on Papa Allan's face)
Gwen adored close encounters with animals: cats, horses, dogs, birds, and even chickens/ducks at the local supply storeplaying with just about everything she found lying around was a blast!
Identifying features on faces was a favorite game and just because sibling revelry is so funny:

Wonderful trip, guys! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. That looks like a great trip! And your mother-in-law takes amazing photos, it seems like she's good at everything! :) Isn't it wonderful to have women like her to teach us? Love it all - thanks for sharing your memories!

  2. those eyes KILL me! Eric had better keep a shotgun by the door in about 15 years becuase you'll be beating the boys off her with a stick!