Saturday, February 4, 2012

#11 Lil Girls Playing Together

I LOVE when my girls make happy noises, whether it be Gwen's made up songs in a sweet airy soprano or Caroline's shrieks and giggles. I have beautiful children. They are sisters, for sure, with all that that entails: they get on each other's nerves, try to take each other's stuff, sometimes maybe even hurt each other (Caroline scratches and pulls hair, Gwen is consistently unaware of things that Caroline is holding on to to support her standing position)... but it is clear that they love each other too.Take a close look at this series of photos above. Notice Gwen starts off with the spoon, Caroline licks her lips with a plaintive expression, Gwen feeds her some, and then Caroline give a big ole grin for the camera. So funny!
Nothing makes me feel warm and content like watching them enjoy each other's company.

I am so in love with my girls.