Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#7 Talents

In this case, not a talent of mine, but one of my Caroline's. See that tongue? Can YOU do that? I didn't think so. At least, I know I can't. I LOVE seeing my lil one's talents manifest, however inconsequential.
Btw, she is 10 months today, can you believe that? Sleep training is improving, now that cold # umpteenth-thousand is fading and her cough is subsiding. We've had 5 big throwups and 3 or so lil ones. But last night after crying for 1.5 hours, she proceeded to sleep for 9 1/2 hours. I'd say that is pretty awesome improvement! and she is getting better with solids, at least, she is more interested. She has started to spontaneously gag and throw up when foods she doesn't like are offered to her, even before the spoon hits her mouth. I hope this doesn't mean she's learning how to use the puking to get what she wants...
She IS a gal of many talents, no? Sleeping, puking, tongue-rolling, cute lil imp that she is. I sure LOVE her.


  1. Well, I can tongue roll, so she must get it from me, lol!

  2. OH the woes of sleep training. It's hard for both the babies and the Mommies! Hope things keep getting better from here on out. And yes, that tongue roll is quite impressive!

  3. Wow! That is talent, and I feel sure that though the specifics of Caroline's proclivities are her own, she inherited the general capacity for greatness from her mom :) P.S. I'm enjoying this series of posts. Great idea!

  4. Talia totally does that tongue twist all the time too! Very talented babies. :) Sorry about the eating/vomiting issues. That is the worst. Hope she figures out that food is good soon.