Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#8 Dance

I LOVE to dance. Love it. This isn't me, but when I dance, I feel like this girl:
I recall being a lil girl in dance class and totally just goofing off. I missed an opportunity, I tell you what. Not that it would have really changed anything, even if I'd taken dance seriously, because I don't really have a dancer's physique or a dancer's talent.
But what I lack in skill, I definitely make up for in enthusiasm.
I've been told I'm entertaining to watch
(which is code for: you really look like a goof ball out there, but I can tell you're having a great time)
and I always throw myself into the music. Even if I stink at the style.
Hip hop is definitely the worst for me, closely followed by ballet.
But I really enjoy Latin, swing, folk, clog, dance wii, and basically anything that will push me to move my body to the max. I love how I feel while dancing: like a superstar. and I love how I feel when I'm finished: like an athlete.
High energy, exciting music, awesome bass, just letting myself go...

I'm in love!

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