Thursday, February 9, 2012

# 6 Libraries

I do, I LOVE libraries. Does that make me a nerd? Probably, but I'll own it. As a youth all the way through being a student at BYU, I loved how studious and intelligent I felt frequenting the library or going there for study. Like I was a member of some kind of exclusive club for intellectuals.
As an artist, I loved going to the library to draw or paint people absorbed in some textbook or novel, especially if they were content rather than stressed. :)
I love the quiet seated areas, endless aisles of books to browse, and resources for my schooling (I've saved hundreds of dollars by borrowing textbooks and research books from the library instead of having to buy my own.).
We try to go to the library every Thursday, but we have been known to go more than that for story times, sing-a-longs, programs, or events.
Gwen absorbed in a group story about gingerbread men.
making a skirt for her very own gingerbread...woman.
proud of her islander-inspired creation
and now she gets to eat
M and J, our neighbors and good friends, frequent library events regularly too
the masterpiece (before Gwen ate her). love the silver pearl necklace

and today's adventure. We actually got our photos taken for the local newspaper (which I usually recycle without reading--but now I'll have to look through it) today. probably because my girls are so cute. :)
she's blurry here because she is waving her arms like a crazy woman out of excitement
excitement for... BOOKS!!!!! She tried to pull every last one off the shelf!
Gwen showing off her caterpillar and Caroline's mouse
pretty cute, eh?
I love how much my kiddos love the library.
I love how it encourages them to read and explore the world.
I love that it is free.

I am in love.

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  1. So fun!! I used to like the library, too....until they started charging us because we're in the county.