Monday, February 6, 2012

#9 Exploring International Cuisines

I LOVE delving in to international cuisines because food can be such a beautiful window to culture.
This has been a great weekend for international flair. Friday was Japanese Setsubun, a festival celebrating the halfway point between winter and spring. My great friend, who knows a thing or two about Japanese traditions, hosted a fabulous lil get together. Since the girls were sick, Eric held down the fort and I represented the Allans (and our elk-antelope steak teriyaki, which was delish!). They got a plate of awesome food, which is Eric's favorite part anyway, but they missed out on the other fun activities.
Like eating an entire roll of sushi without stopping for good luck (I succeeded, in case you wondered)
the best part was being the demon, getting candy and peanuts thrown at me, and being chased outside. I had a blast!

Today (Monday) was also Chinese Lantern Festival, so we had a need for another chopstick meal. Can I just tell you that Gwen is pretty good at this? I was really impressed!

There is just something about exotic food that transports me: like a vacation. Only I never leave my house and I save a ton of money and I get to have fun in the kitchen.

I am in love.

ps. at Heather's suggestion, I've gone back and added the recipe for the garlic-butternut soup. so take another look if you'd like.


  1. I am loving your love-list. I think it is interesting and inspiring. I love international food, too! I had another dr.'s appointment down by Harvard's main campus, and the streets were full of festival decorations - including all of the lanterns!!! I couldn't help but smile! Festive decorations and food - it doesn't get much more fun :) I remember your Korean nights - it was so much fun! I'm thankful that you had the skills to give me a little taste of something I know little about (which is another reason I love talking about art with you!) so that I could experience another part of the world. You are truly a sparkling gem in a very dull world. Miss you!

  2. P.S. I'm totally impressed with Gwen's chopstick skills!!! Did she really pick that up by herself?! She's a natural!

    P.S.S. You look absolutely amazing.

  3. Um THANK YOU for the recipe! Hopefully I can add it to next week's menu. Hooray! :) You rock my world Elisa.