Thursday, March 8, 2012

11 Months

Can you believe that Caroline is 11 months today? That means she is one month away from being 1 year old... I really can't believe it. By the time Gwen was this age she seemed so 'beyond' being my 'baby' anymore... but Caroline is still just my little one. How can she be 11 months? It is crazy.

Caroline has come a long way this month in the eating and sleeping departments. She still gags and throws up almost every day, but she IS doing better at actually chewing and swallowing and keeping things down. Maybe because she has 6 teeth now it is easier? She loves veggies and soups the best, really really soft rice or tiny star pasta, avocado, banana, and fish. surprising, eh? yeah, she likes salmon and tilapia better than chicken or red meat. It think it is because it is so soft and kind of mushes easily in her mouth. Sleeping is tons better than last month since we did cry it out, but she still has room for improvement. Right now she thinks she is ready to go to one nap a day, but she isn't. So every day is a battle between us. and sometimes she is really grouchy (those are her 1 nap days) because she refuses to sleep when she needs to.

Caroline claps, waves, chatters (ah ah oh oh ah ah oh oh repeated over and over again), pushes around her walker or practices walking holding on to our fingers (but does NOT walk on her own yet), and is 'thinking' about stairs. She is kind of clingy right now, coming to find me and pull herself up on the back of my legs. She bites (not a nibble--I'm talking about teeth marks even through shirts sometimes) when she is hungry or tired. It hurts.

Caroline's absolute favorite thing in the world (besides Gwen)? What would you guess? Gwen's favorite thing at this age was CLEARLY stuffed animals. Anything with a face, as I recall, was her immediate friend. Caroline's clear favorite? NOISE and MUSIC. and to her, there isn't really a difference!!!! :) Anybody have any brilliant ideas on how to incorporate music into a birthday cake? I could always just do a music note, but SHE wouldn't know what that is. I want to make it HER favorite thing... which is actual music, not a symbol of music...any ideas, I'm all ears!

getting an 11 month pic of the girl was pretty tricky because this is what she did every time I put her down.
We did get a couple I can use, though you'll notice an absence of any genuine smiles. She was NOT very happy.
Caroline loves to dump thing out and put them back in, or take out each item and throw it on the floor. She does this with 'her' drawers in the kitchen all the time. She like the mixers for the electric beater.
Gwen and Caroline really love each other. Gwen is DEFINITELY Caroline's absolutely favorite person in the entire world!
She loves her bath time!
And some videos: Caroline chatter, eating a cow, waving, splashing, and the best one is 'screaming' with Gwen!


  1. Wow. She is getting so big. I can totally relate to the not being able to get a picture because then you would have to set her down thing. Talia is still pretty clingy. How fun that she loves noise and music. No brilliant ideas for the cake, but you should definitely get her a music card that makes noise when she opens it. :)

  2. She really looks like Gwen in that left tub pic! It's probably seeing her hair "curly" and up instead of straight. :) Can't believe she's going to be a year old next month! Wow. Time sure flies.

  3. What a little doll! It's such a blessing to have a took a fever of 105 for Eden to decide that cuddling her mom and dad was an acceptable activity. But that went away with the fever. Enjoy those cuddles!

  4. She is just changing every minute, it seems!

  5. I'm friends with your MIL! How about a xylophone cake? Something that puts the xylophone on the cake and she can have it and bang on it? Congrats..your girls are lovely!

  6. I can't believe she's almost a year!! Crazy! She's so cute! She looks like Gwen's sister but still her very own self. Such beautiful girls! I have no idea how to incorporate music into a cake: maybe get one of those tie inserts from like HObby Lobby (like what Daddy always had?) and put a little "cave" in the back of the cake so you can put it in and press it so it plays for her? I dunno., I'm fishing.