Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Pi Day everyone! March 14th (3.14) is an essential holiday for all nerdy people to acknowledge... or just those who want an excuse to eat pizza (a savory pie) and pie (the sweet kind).

since today is also Albert Einstein's birthday, I gave myself the challenge to make German-themed pies! So we're having saurkraut and brat pizza (sounds strange, but it's gonna be good!) and black forest pie (the chocolate filling is creamy like pudding but thick like custard). Original recipes here:
Now you can't tell me that saurkraut pizza doesn't look good! :)


  1. LOL...should be a perfect pi day!

  2. Did you know it's also National Potato Chip day?

  3. I love how you cook around random and not-so-random holidays. so fun! you're so creative and brave with your dishes, too! way to go! that German pizza DOES look good!

  4. Wow. Definitely wished we lived nearby to sample that! :) I didn't do anything for Pi-day, and 100% admire your enthusiasm for the little things like this that actually end up adding into the big things of enjoying family time together. Love and miss you dearly!!

  5. Love it! How did that pizza turn out?!

    Finding little holidays to celebrate is the best. I love how you are always celebrating something. My favorite of ours to date, though, is desegregation day. That cake was pure genius!

    Miss you. And we are still on cloud nine over here over match! How about you?!!!!!