Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Festivities

For Family Home Evening activity Gwen helped me make a leprechaun trap.

Gwen's contribution to the bait
the finished trap
the bait
the lovely golden ladder

We checked it every morning and she was starting to lose interest, actually, because we never caught one. But this morning we found tons of Leprechaun gold, so I guess he came on St. Patrick's Day Eve!
Gwen has been very excited about eating her special gold coin chocolates...

notice that OUR leprechaun happens to be Jewish? :) (that's because he saved the gold coins from the after-Hanukkah sale)

We made some festive green block jello, using the instructions here:

Caroline enjoying her jello treat

And my favorite part: the corned beef (my first time to try it), cabbage, carrots, and whole wheat Irish Soda Bread for dinner!
For the record, I actually wasn't the biggest fan of corned beef-- too fatty. But the FLAVOR of the corned beef ON the cabbage and carrots was AWESOME. and I loved the whole wheat Irish Soda Bread. All in all a delicious dinner, even if the protein wasn't my favorite ever.
Gwen 'enjoying' her dinner (aka, playing with her food)


  1. You are such a fun, festive mom! I love the leprechaun trap! There's something really awesome about those gold chocolate coins. I'm an adult and I still like them. :) I love corned beef and cabbage, but you just can't buy the cheaper cut of corned beef because it has way too much fat. I always buy flat cut. It's still pretty fatty just because that's how the meat is, but the cut I got this year had this one big layer of fat that was really easy to trim off. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  2. St. Paddy's Day is my favorite holiday, because my parents always did fun things like that. Well done!

  3. So fun! I seriously can't wait to have kids so I can do fun activities like that. This year St. Patty's day was a bit of a flop for me...maybe I'll celebrate on another weekend this month! I want to try my hand at corned beef, etc.