Thursday, March 29, 2012


They were junky. And that is putting it nicely.

Looks like we're taking our search to Dublin, Worthington, Bexley, and Grandview... with a 20-30K increase in price tag. I guess if you only pay 134K in UA, you can't expect decency, let alone quality. Well, hopefully some of our 145-165K homes are more pleasing! Keep you updated next week after more viewings...


  1. Bummer. Hope you find a winner soon!

  2. We bought our home for 100,000 and we love our place. On the border in between Hilliard and U.A., 20 minutes from campus, 5 minutes from the 270. We've lost quite a bit of property value so condos in our complex are going for less than 100,000 now.
    We love our location. The maintenance people are great. Oh and did I mention that we have THREE lakes?
    The downside is that it's a condo. But you could get the bigger condos that are two stories so you don't have someone above you.
    Our place is 1,190 square feet. 2 bed, 2 bath. No fenced yard-- but boy is it a fabulous "yard".
    It is called the "Millington".

  3. just thinking about it... you would definitely only want to look at the larger condos that are two stories because you want 3 bedrooms.
    if you even are interested in this location.

  4. to bad the 'viewings' weren't for the laying to rest of the junky homes. We have seen a few of those;)