Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, I hope these homes are nice...

This whole property search thing is a rollar coaster! I feel like I am constantly redefining my search parameters in the hopes that something perfect will come up...

well, I may have struck gold this time! I kept the bedrooms at 3 because that is non-negotiable, but I reduced the sq ft desire down to 1000 (the size of our current apartment), the bathrooms to 1 (I think we can manage), and eliminated the 'fence' requirement (I figure we can put up a fence for way less than 10K)...

and found 6 new homes in Upper Arlington (the BEST school district in the city, super close to campus, and the BEST resale rate!) that fit the bill for between 130K and 160K! I'm stoked! I'm driving by to take a look after I pick Gwen up from preschool... and my hope is that maybe 2 or 3 will be good enough in real life (i.e. never trust a real estate picture) to request a tour! Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers a-prayin!

ps. probably tomorrow I'll be back at it, changing parameters again... but you never know. One of these days we're going to hit the jackpot! :)


  1. I hear you!! Eric got that job in Canton, and now we're looking for a house up there. Not sure if we'll buy right away, but, oh, I've been looking! I've found a few gems by changing my search parameters too, but I honestly don't think we can raise our family for the next 20 years in three bedrooms. :) Too bad, because there were some awesome kitchens! Sigh. I hope it works out just the way you want. I'd love to know where the houses are and hear what you found out. P.S. I'm curious about your lender and how you found them. Send any info my way!

  2. Oh, good luck! When we were searching for our home I discovered that design and layout matter more than square feet. With the right appropriation of footage and a thoughtful design, smaller can be better. And smart of you to be concerned about resale...I have the idea that something perfect will come your way. :)

  3. o0o0 awesome!! Hopefully one of them passes the test...I still want pictures! Or links to the houses or something! what fun!

  4. You won't find it in Grandview---it's spendier than UA. (I grew up in was great---you may find some good stuff there under 165. I grew up on Shrewsbury Rd and Zollinger). Good luck!