Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preschool Dad's Night

Technically, I wasn't supposed to be at Dad's Night. But since Eric has had such late evenings, I was there with the hope that he would get off in time to come spend some time with Gwen before it was over. And he did get there about 25 minutes before the end! The bonus was that I was the only mom lucky enough to observe my lil gal interacting with her daddy...and I got pictures!

Gwen showed us some of her favorite things at school:
and the hilarious 'portrait' she made of her daddy complete with red nostrils all over his face
and the even more hilarious description of her daddy's favorite things
she and daddy enjoyed snack time together
and topped the evening off with some chicken dance!
this is only a snippet of the video I took...and can I just tell you she is obsessed with being in the center of the circle? How come she's the only kid who keeps running around in the middle? :)
Gwen loves her school and her daddy, so getting to do both was pretty awesome for her! and I'm glad I got to smile throughout my observations! Sure do love these two characters! :)


  1. He is such a good daddy...it makes his mama proud. And Gwen is hilarious running around there.

  2. Love her running around in the video - and am surprised the other kids didn't join in? And the portrait is awesome! What a fun time for the daddy's to join in on the kid fun. And I'm glad Eric got off in time to make it there - what a treasure!