Monday, March 12, 2012


Cosi on a torrential downpour day. What a blessing to have friends with guest passes that extend such lovely invitations! Here is what my munchkins did for entertainment:

Caroline: after allowing me to snap a few pics of her cute self, she found one of these.
and that was all she wanted to do for the next hour. She was either pushing it or riding on it. What a cute gal!

Gwen: found the duck
and then the science tools
and then the doctor paraphernalia

and then had to carry the entire loot around for the remaining 30 minutes
playing the laser harp by the entrance
Once again, thanks go to Erica for inviting us to play as her guests on her pass!

check out Caroline pushing that blue thing around:


  1. How fun and how cute!! I need to get a pass to Cosi! Looking at your pictures is my first time seeing inside! :)

  2. She looks so big pushing that thing!

  3. Man I miss that place ... and Caroline is so BIG!! Wow the time has flown.