Monday, March 26, 2012


We had a rainy weekend. The girls wanted to go get out in it... especially the littlest gal.
notice the tippy toes? :)
So when it abated, we headed to Antrim Lake. Everything was still damp, but the gray skies made the colors really beautiful, I think.
Gwen was obsessed with sitting on every single bench (all 10 or so of them) along the 1.something mile loop.
and the cheesy grin
Caroline loved riding on daddy's shoulders
Gwen was more interested in running! Which she did a lot of... Here she has made a dandelion her special friend and was trying to keep him safe in her coat while she ran.
feeding the ducks and fish rotten bread

and some pretty landscapes, just for your viewing pleasure

Caroline 11 months 2 weeks
Love this one because of the weathered wood, her upwards glance, and the uneven button job from a hasty mom...:)

you can see her newest tooth in this one. 3 on the bottom now.
my man. such a good daddy.
Gwen had a FABULOUS time and didn't want to come home.
obsessing about her dandelion. I actually really like the color pop that her obsession provides in these overcast photos.
My beautiful family.

I guess we don't mind a little dampness so much, eh? :)


  1. beautiful pictures!!! i think overcast skies always make the colors deeper. it's the only thing i like about gray skies :)

    we have so much to talk about!! these days, i'm usually typing one-handed, so i plan on calling you soon because an email would take forever!

    can't wait to see you!!!

  2. absolutely beautiful! way to take advantage of such great weather and colors. Your girls are so precious! I can't believe Caroline is SO close to a year! I knew it, cuz Kenzie just turned 10 months...but MAN! it's gone by so fast!!

  3. Catching up on your blog, and LOVE this post! Made me all sorts of sappy-sentimental of that lake and your beautiful family. And I love that same one of Caroline for those same reasons. Beautiful pictures, but more importantly beautiful people! Miss you.